getWoken Giveaway Contest

#getWoken Giveaway

We’d like to introduce you to Woken coffee. We make a good espresso while doing a little good in the process. 

We saw coffee capsules pouring into landfills and wanted a better way to make our daily habit sustainable. So we paired our love of caffeine with 100% compostable capsules. That’s where our motto comes in: It’s a fix. Here’s where you come in! 

To show off our new coffee to the world, we’re running a giveaway! Just give us an email, and you’re eligible to get one of these prizes! And even if you don’t win the grand prize, you've signed up to be part of the fix ;)  

The Prizes

The Grande Fix

Every little fix counts. But let’s not kid ourselves: this is the big one! Win this prize and you’ll receive your own home setup and enough Woken to fix up you and your friends for quite a while. 


  • A single-serve espresso maker
  • A six month subscription to Woken  

The Big Fix

Drip, drip, drip. That’s how you fill a cup. Add up a bunch of little fixes and what do you get? The second tier prize: FIX-IT STARTER KIT. Share your email for your chance at it! 


  • A six month subscription to Woken
  • An eco-friendly set of porcelain espresso cups
  • A good book on going green
  • An eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush  

The Chocolate Fix

There’s more than one kind of fix, and that’s an important thing to know! What fixes some things for some people, might not always work. But there’s one thing that does always work: chocolate. 


  • A months supply of Woken
  • Altereco chocolate truffles wrapped in compostable foils  

The LiL' Fix

Get a little fix of all our Woken flavors. Find out the fix that works for you, and then subscribe and we’ll bring it right ot your door every month. *clinks mugs 


  • Woken Mix, 40 capsules including all four of our blends  

Don't miss out on your fix..


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